Arrange special and heavy transport with Flex Rent Specials

  • Flexible rental options
  • The latest vehicles
  • Short delivery times


We offer various makes and models of tractors with the ability to transport special and heavy loads.


Our versatile range of trailer types ensures a wide capacity to transport heavy loads.

Modular trailers

There is a solution for every type of transport need with our modular trailers.

Truck-mounted cranes

Want to unload large loads without wasting time? Our truck-mounted cranes are the perfect solution.

The benefits of Flex Rent Specials

Flexibility and control

Various rental options. Choose the duration that best suits your project and adjust it flexibly.

Support on projects

With our diverse range of vehicles we can support any transport project.


We have years of experience in the rental of commercial vehicles.

Short lines

Get in touch directly with our fleet managers. We think along with you on every question.

Latest technologies

Our fleet has the latest models with the most recent technologies.

Less initial investment

Get started right away without purchasing expensive vehicles for your projects.

Flex Rent Specials

With our unique rental model you have the freedom to use heavy transport tractors, (semi) low loaders, modular trailers and truck-mounted cranes in a way that seamlessly suits your needs. No obligations to purchase additional services, but immediate availability without any restrictions.